You still gonna defend this man?

A user joined my discord named Moober and was apparently witch hunted relentlessly by this chat for being me . Even though I havent logged onto Furry Amino in over four months. Crazy religious zealot that forces his beliefs on people condeming them to hell .

This individual in Cruce's vc was threatning to dox Moober under the false suspicion that it was me?

A conversation with Moober and Zayy after the threat was made in the voice chat they were also in.

Moober reported this and later got banned for being me? What proof was there that this person was me?

These photos of his discord do not need explaining. I also do not have the time to spend on this freak when there are more important topics I need to address on the website . Enjoy seeing the host talk shit about YOU on Furry Amino including his furry friends there!

An example of his chat months prior .