Not sure why Leader Enigma wants to be on the website so bad? but theres thousands of images on this website that were even used in getting people banned. So clearly they are not only talking out of their ass already but also lied about talking with their staff on a daily basis. Because they would know I've helped both Leader Basil Borks and Leader SilverClawArrow multiple times.

website logs list that Leader Enigma clicked on 3 folders and spent around 2 minutes on the website before they concluded that the information is "useless".

Leader Enigma and the others ignoring/banning/muting/striking and even hazzing minors that reached out to them!

We were in contact for a single day and if they really wanted evidence they could have looked at my website for longer than 2 minutes. "bottleneck" through my website? I was banned and censored off of Furry Amino and this is their excuse? I've reported Peaches for over 10 months and Leader SilverClawArrow actually did manage to help me ban some of their accounts. If Leader Enigma WASNT lying in this conversation they would know more about that situation.

I reported the groomer Curator Steam Pumped k9 to all staff and was banned immediately.

How is Leader Enigma coming to a conclusion that I'm the only one with the Stalkaz nudes when its a sticker on Furry Amino. Also if they looked at my website in Stalkaz's folder they would see the nudes there for people to download.

I could have been a minor and Leader Enigma would have sent me all this porn without asking me prior if they could send porn not knowing my age .

This image above will not get you banned

This image Above will not get you banned.

This image will get you permantly banned. As you can see there is absolutely no possible way for you to know that this is cropped pornography.

Original images for the ones above so that you can see the problem I am trying to address.

Leader Enigma likes to pull old logs to try and counter my arguments but even when I provide the exact date and time that his Curator was doing stuff with minors they REFUSED to look it up in logs protecting them .

"Confusing to navigate" when all you have to do is click a folder pertaining to a name . I even added explainations and Meta Data to further help but the staff are refusing to find reason.

Leader Enigma using logs and says "you didn't appeal" when I most clearly did in the dms. Enigma once again making a sad pathetic excuse to censor me . They even kept banning me multiple times while I was appealing showing they either witch hunted me or dont communicate with their staff like they said they do.

They purposely leave out the beginning of our conversation where Leader Basil Borks asks me for proof on Peaches . So I appealed, answered staffs questions about the Zoophile, and then was promptly banned for "Helping staff ban harmful people". In Leader Enigma's eyes I'm harmful to the community because I hunt down the Pedophiles on their platform .

Soooo... I got banned for deleting a photo??? I deleted every single photo i ever sent on the app theres no rules against it???

Jamies Paws ordering Enigma to ban who she hates. Bragging about having the power of the Leader.