15 year old girl that lied about being age 18. Is overly sexual with adults and is friends with groomers and zoophiles defending them all .

Still sends NSFW content around the groomer Curator Steam Pumped k9. In the link below is all of the NSFW porn she sent to minors, friends, staff, and use as bases for her art on Furry Amino. Some of this art is P2U meaning its being distrbuted as fraud by a minor. Some of this art is even "zoophilic"

Defended multiple groomers in the community including a Zoophile named Peaches. Tried faking a suicide to try and cancel me along with spreading rumors that this website is dangerous so that people wouldnt find them here .

Kay kicking a pedophile from her chatroom but leaving the Zoophile because they are "friends".

17 is legally considered a child. comissioning sexualized child art from Will is Faerin and Luka .

Spreading false rumors about the website being a rat/ip loggers so that she wouldnt be exposed.

Chats she hosts are always sexual and advertised to minors.

Defending the manipulative zoophile Peaches for "saving her live", more like groomed behavior .

Yall dont seem to grasp that if you are actively engaging with a zoophile and are purposely ignoring the fact that they fuck dogs. That makes you equivically a zoophile defender

Planned on stealing my art to then go on Furry Amino to make me look like a bad person.

She asked for references of my character so she could "draw" it

Resorted to underage prostitution in a discord full of minors, adults, FURRY AMINO LEADERS, and known groomers.