Grooming children as leadership

Friends with and defended animal abuser Percy Voss and Cruce the homophobe

I reported both of these users along with the pedophile Enzo to LinkBear. They banned me to protect their friends.

Banned on Oct.15 after they left the conversation. Was unbanned later on by another leader in the community after Linkbear blatantly abused their power to protect bad people . I used an alt to call the leader out for this and was promptly banned a second time .

Katniss the Agent of the community unbanned my main account after reporting link bears abuse

Petty that I was unbanned she disabled my chatroom .

Link Bear gaslighting how the situation went down even though I have proof against their made up story.

Percy Voss once again unbanned after my final ban in the community. Katniss abandoned her community to Groomers because of the "stress".