Okay so Furry Amino staff are now banning anyone who gives me information!

Borderline Zoophile, Borderline Pedophile . Stalks minors on other furry aminos with an anonymous account. He links his NSFW 18+ porn Twitter account to his bio letting every under age person on the app visit it without a warning. Made an apology, got massive backlash, then ban/muted EVERYONE who called him out.

If you are going to be a role model for a community of 550,000 users you might not want to post NSFW porn of your fursona

Leader Basil Borks drawing Leader Lord Aberth a naked child like version of his normally NSFW naked fursona . Also drew a feral version with feral body parts labeling him as a Zoophile .

He also follows minors under the age of 18 on his 18+ Twitter account.

Essentially every picture of Leader Lord Aberths fursona is either depicted in clothing as a SFW drawing or naked as a NSFW drawing. In this case the age regression drawing would be considered NSFW as its posted with all his porn.

Furry Amino users called him out for all of this however their excuses were consistenly "we dont deal with anything outside the app" However we found proof that they were joining other Furry Aminos on alts and banning anyone trying to expose them . So much for that rule? Staff blatantly break their own rules out of ignorance .

Lord Aberth lying about taking down comments, posts, and banning people for it.

Proof below Lord Aberth deleted the comments banning the users which goes against what he said himself.

More users began to speak out and they were also censored off the platform aswell for speaking their justified concerns.

Leader Enigma, Leader Silverclawarrow and Leader Lord Aberth bullying their community petty that they were exposed.

Another example of users being banned for reporting problems in the community. This is followed by the staff complaining that nothing is being reported. Pedophiles and Groomers still not being banned off the platform but reasonable people are .

If you are willingly admitting to your 18+ twitter being in your bio then why are you willingly showing it to all the minors on the platform? The explaination as usual doesnt make sense . 

This community mostly rid the staff of stalking them but why are full grown adults stalking and spying on children just to ban them out of pettiness?

One of Leader Lord Aberth's friends contacted me defending him . Aberth ended up blocking that friend after they reported what was going on in Furry Amino.

Staff complain that they dont get evidence from people yet they block anyone who reports anything

My first attempt ever to reach him and he blocked me first glance

Leader Lord Aberth refusing to engage in conversation about the state of Furry Amino

The owner of Furry Amino has allowed this to go on for far to long