There is an 18+ warning for this site . I and literally every website owner in existance cannot stop a minor from visiting websites on the internet. There is nothing NSFW about this website before the 18+ warning and Disclaimer on the front page . If someone sees NSFW on this website it is THEIR fault for ignoring the 18+ warning. Canceling my website because theres NSFW in 10% of the folders that are also PUBLICALLY shown of Furry Amino with no 18+ warnings to start with does not solve the problem . 

This website was made because the staff censored anyone who provided proof of these groomers, Zoophiles, Pedophiles. Minors dont need to see this website to understand that Furry Amino is a bad place . Instead of looking for someone to blame you could warn these minor friends of yours to leave the app so they DONT have to know about the website .

All NSFW images have now been censored to find a solution to this problem. However the website is STILL 18+ and anyone who ignores that warning is liable .