Dated underage kids and molested their younger cousin

Zoophile that had sex with dogs 5 years ago. Constantly changes account profile to avoid being found.

Lies about leaving the app.

Spread rumors that "Verena/Kay" killed herself and blamed me for bullying instead of calling the cops to help his friend. She did not infact kill herself.

He puts it on his dads grave that he will delete amino. And yet is still active on it.

Kay on her Sushi account banning a child predator from her chat but leaving the Zoophile because they are her friend.

Curator Steam Pumped k9 allowing Peaches to talk zoophilia on his alt "Show and Tell". Discusses in this vc about going on an alt to dox me with witness Veenon warning me .

Discord account used by Peaches to try and get my address or personal information.

First account he admits to fucking dogs on Furry Amino.

Jokes about fucking dogs

Admits again to fucking dogs

Peaches on his account named "Dubs" trying to reach out to MIST his close friend but MIST doesnt want me to catch him with more evidence so he ignores Peaches

Peaches switching his accounts name progressively through this occurance in Motionless' chat. changing from Dubs to ok then? and then the drama deer guy mid.

MIST riled up peaches on his "Wat U On" account to harass me.

Admits a third time that he fucked his dogs. When is Furry Amino gonna ban this guy?