Animal abuser that drowned his puppy. Hunted FixingSaturn to expose him fucking dogs when he was a kid. then guilt trips people into believing they should feel sorry for him killing his family puppy when he did it as a kid. Hypocritical if you ask me for being the one to complain.

Every night Percy Voss gets in a discord call privately with Alex as she reads him bedtime stories so that he can sleep easy. Alex is also in a relationship during this and still is. Photos below are art pieces he commissioned for her birthday of her reading stories to his sona .

I gave Percy Voss the benefit of the doubt before he admitted.

Percy Voss' admittance to drowning his family dog.

Percy threatning me because I exposed him guilt tripping people into feeling sorry for him . When in fact this entire dog drama is karma for him doing the exact same thing to FixingSaturn.