Full grown adult stalking minors on other furry aminos. Banned me after I reported the Curator Steam Pumped k9. Censored and banned anyone willing to expose the staff.

Got promoted to a leadership position within 2 months?

Censoring and striking any post or comment.

Leaders of two seperate furry communities upset with SilverClawArrow who is stalking and spying on minors.

There is actual feral art on his twitter if you dare to look . But funny how they deleted their own comment.

Anonymous account Leader SilverClawArrow was on stalking minors.

The meme of SilverClawArrows head in the universe was made in a chat on Fur Alley which was then posted by her on Furry Amino. proving up to the date 7/23/2023 that she is still a 25 year old stalking minors chats anonymously!

The leaders went through the effort not taking responsibility for their 18+ twitter link in their bio because its "out of their amino" which is their only concern. Meanwhile I'm banned for having a website exposing not just them and they go to other aminos to then ban people for doing nothing but being there . Breaking their own rules like hypocrites.

banned me after reporting the Curator Steam Pumped k9.

Turns out the one who kept banning me and not communicating with other staff members was Leader Enigma . The same person who boasted about the communication between staff members.