Caught red handed in a Furry Amino groomers discord. Stalks minors on other Furry Amino platforms with the leaders. Is openly allowed to be lewd, post innappropriate memes that get normal users banned, and even allows people to post inappropriate stuff around them.

Links their 18+ twitter to their Amino bio without warnings for minors.

Underage girl sends a google drive filled with furry porn and Curator Steam Pumped k9 does nothing!

Now they start posting some of the borderline NSFW content clearly with Steam present.

It is very obvious this adult is interested in a minor .

Proof of Discord and Amino connection.

Allowed Saint to groom children in front of staff because they were friends.

After the discord was nuked of all evidence they continued to groom a user named Verena/Kay. Stalking them around Furry Amino chats. 

Stalking minors in a seperate amino community with an anonymous account.

Banned the user Moober after they were hazzed AND DOXED based on no proof in a witch hunt. Moober was banned after reporting this to Steam Pumped k9.

Many chats below of things that shouldnt be in front of minors but the Curator chooses to ignore . Visit Image Integrity for time stamps if any staff do decide to check logs.

Curator Steam Pumped k9 grooming "BeCarefulUpThere" who is an underage minor . She was also being groomed in Mama Greep Grop's groomer discord before staff purged the evidence .

A furry dating site that breaks the rules being posted in front of minors and the Curator but nothing being done about it.

I called the Zoophile "Peaches" out in vc named "Show and Tell". I was banned instead of the Zoophile .

One of the users in that chatroom then warned me that the zoophile was going to try and expose me . Curator Steam Pumped k9 allowing it all to happen.